Valtra SmartTour is a full, all renewed Valtra experience on wheels. Every year we go on the road across Europe, visiting the most central locations for our customers and fans. We are kicking off in UK and Ireland in January and visiting nearly 20 countries during 2018. This year we showcase the very best solutions for your smarter work - the revolutionary new armrest, Valtra SmartTouch for N, T and S series as well as the complete 4th generation line-up of Valtra tractors, including our award winning T Series and the all new A Series.

Depending on the nature of the event you’ll also be able to learn more or even test drive other machines of the Valtra product range as well as Valtras auto-guidance and telemetry technology solutions.

To make your visit even more special, we have also set up exclusive Smart Tour discounts available for selected locations. For more information check for updates on this site or contact your local Valtra dealer.

We couldn’t be more excited to present you our solutions for your smarter work. We look forward to welcoming you at one of the Smart Tour events!

This year we have even more to offer for you: Trelleborg, our official partner of Smart Tour, will demonstrate their tyres at Smart Tour events. With this collaboration, visitors will have more comprehensive experience during Smart Tour events with help of Trelleborg professionals.


Everyone is welcome to Smart Tour events – but by registering in advance you can really upgrade your Valtra experience and make your day even better. By showing your registration confirmation email as you enter an event, you get:

  • Free entrance to the catering cart with free beverages and food
  • First-in-line policy with test drives
  • Free giveaways
  • Week 4-9, 12-13 and 16 – UK/Ireland Open or Close


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    • 22.1. McLaren Tractors, Dingwall
    • 23.1. Alan Mackay Machinery (Forfar) Ltd, Inverurie
    • 24.1. Alan Mackay Machinery (Forfar) Ltd, Forfar
    • 25.1. Reekie Ltd, Cupar
    • 26.1. Kelso and Lothian Harvesters, NR North Berwick
    • 29.1. Kelso and Lothian Harvesters, Kelso
    • 30.1. Daniel Ross Engineers Limited, Lanark
    • 31.1. Hamilton Bros (Engineering) Limited, Bishopton
    • 1.2. Hamilton Bros (Engineering) Limited, Tarbolton
    • 2.2. Shire Agri Hire, Newton Stewart
    • 3.2. CAM Engineering, Castle Douglas
    • 4.2. D W Toppin Ltd, Penrith
    • 5.2. David Henderson Tractors Limited, Hexham
    • 6.2. Sovereign Ag Bark House Farm, Lane, Barnsley
    • 7.2. Clarke And Pulman Limited, Heskin
    • 8.2. Clarke And Pulman Limited, Preston
    • 9.2. Brian Robinson Machinery Ltd, Northallerton
    • 12.2. Wilfred Scruton Ltd, Driffield
    • 13.2. Wilfred Scruton Ltd, Riccall
    • 14.2. Peacock And Binnington, Brigg
    • 15.2. Peacock And Binnington, Louth
    • 16.2. B & B Tractors, Mansfield
    • 20.2. GOLD TICKET, Bruntingthorpe, Special Invite Only
    • 21.2. Thurlow Nunn Standen Limited, Thetford
    • 27.2. A J Seale Ltd, Winchester
    • 28.2. C. J. Cox, Sturminster Newton
    • 1.3. Redlynch Eng, Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet
    • 20.3. Bigwoods Agri Ltd, Somerset
    • 21.3. Alan Snow Agricultural Engineers Ltd, Lifton
    • 22.3. David Evans Agricultural Ltd, Llancarfan
    • 26.3. McGinty Tractors Ltd, Donegal Town
    • 27.3. Clarke Machinery Ltd., Ballyjamesduff
    • 28.3. Kellys of Kilkenny, Kilkenny.
    • 29.3. Buckley/O`Connor. Cork Showground.
    • 17.4. J Davies & Son, Pencader
    • 18.4. Ross Farm Machinery Ltd, Ross-On-Wye
    • 19.4. Edwards & Farmer Ltd, Shrewsbury
    • 20.4. John Bownes Ltd, Nantwich
    • R.W.Crawford Ag Machinery Ltd, Please contact dealer for more information
    • Lister Wilder Ltd, Please contact dealer for more information
  • Week 10-11 and 17 - GERMANY Open or Close


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    Datum  Standort Adresse Ort Uhrzeit
    Straße PLZ Beginn Ende
    6.3.2018 RWZ Geldern Siemensstraße 26 47608 Geldern 10:00 15:00
    7.3.2018 RWZ Rommerskirchen Alfred-Nobel-Allee 2 41569  Rommerskirchen 10:00 15:00
    8.3.2018 RWZ Flammersfeld Siebengebirgsstraße 17 57632 Flammersfeld 10:00 15:00
    9.3.2018 RWZ Wittlich Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 3 54516 Wittlich 10:00 15:00
    11.3.2018 RWZ Lebach Dillinger Str. 124 66822 Lebach 10:00 15:00
    12.3.2018 RWZ Kusel Glanstr. 44 66869 Kusel 10:00 15:00
    13.3.2018 Gepperth Landmaschinen Schlichtstrasse 6 67165 Waldsee 10:00 15:00
    14.3.2018 RWZ Gundersheim An der Weidenmühle 27 67598 Gundersheim 10:00 15:00
    15.3.2018 RWZ Diez Robert-Bosch-Str. 34 65582 Diez 10:00 15:00
    24.4.2018 Walldürn Industrieparkstr. 5 74731  Walldürn 9:00 15:00
    25.4.2018 Bruchsal Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 10 76646 Bruchsal  14:00 19:00
    26.4.2018 Schopfheim Dossenbacher Straße 79650 Schopfheim 14:00 19:00
    27.4.2018 Steinach Josef-Maier-Straße 7 77790  Steinach 14:00 19:00
    28.4.2018 Pfullendorf Stelzacker 9 88630  Pfullendorf 9:00 15:00
    29.4.2018 Donaueschingen Güterstr. 16 78166  Donaueschingen 9:00 15:00
  • Week 14-15 - NORWAY Open or Close


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    Dato Forhandler Adresse Poststed Tid
    Gate Postnr. Starter Slutter
    4.4.2018 Rakkestad Sagveien 8 1890 Rakkestad 12:00 20:00
    5.4.2018 Eiksenteret Tolga Rørosveien 2161 2540 Tolga 12:00 20:00
    6.4.2018 Akershus Traktor Vinstra Rustvegen 179 2640 Vinstra 12:00 18:00
    9.4.2018 Eiksenteret Malmefjorden Holamyra Industriområde 6445 Malmefjorden 10:00 18:00
    11.4.2018 Maskinsenteret Sogndal Hagalandet 6854 Kaupanger 13:00 19:00
    13.4.2018 Eiksenteret Haugesund Eikeskogvegen 72 5570 Aksdal 12:00 20:00
  • Week 18-19 - DENMARK Open or Close


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    Date Venue Time Dealer Street Location Post Code
    1.5.2018 Skanderborg Maskinforretning A/S 10.00-15.00 Skanderborg Maskinforretning Låsbyvej 5 Skanderborg 8660
    2.5.2018 Midtdjurs Traktorlager A/S 10.00-15.00 Midtdjurs Traktorlager Tøstrupvej 50 Nimtofte 8581
    3.5.2018 Holmsland Maskinforretning A/S 10.00-15.00 Holmsland Maskinforretning Vinkelvej 18A Kjellerup 8620
    4.5.2018 Riber Kjærgård Landbrugsskole 10.00-15.00 TBS Valtec Kjærgårdsvej 31 Bramming 6740
    5.5.2018 Køretekniskanlæg 10.00-15.00 Agrotek Elsøvej 10 Nykøbing Mors 7900
    7.5.2018 Hjallerup Maskinforretning A/S 10.00-15.00 Hjallerup Maskinforretning Navervej 1 Hjallerup 9390
    8.5.2018 Brahetrolleborg Gods 10.00-15.00 J. Dyhr A/S Reventlowsvej 1 Fåborg 5600
    9.5.2018 Svendstrup Gods 10.00-15.00 Rasmus degn Borupvej 106 Borup 4140
    11.5.2018   10.00-15.00 Karl Mertz Holsted Alle 3 Næstved 4700
  • Week 20-21 - POLAND Open or Close


    Data Dealer Godziny Adres
    16.5.2018 K&H Agrotech 11.00-16.00 Gospodarstwo Rolne
    Mariusz Tatys

    Gołocin 23, 59-225 Chojnów
    17.5.2018 TORAL 11.00-16.00 Przedsiębiorstwo Rolne PHU "ALWOROL"
    Wolica Nowa Sp. Z o.o.

    Aleksandrów 1, 63-040 Nowe Miasto
    19.5.2018 AGROPERFEKT 11.00-16.00 Grzybiny, 13-214 Uzdowo 
    23.5.2018 AGROTECHNIK 11.00-16.00 ul. Zjazd 34, 18-520 Stawiski
    26.5.2018 WYSTAWA ZIELONE AGROSHOW 9.00-17.00 08-503 Ułęż, gm. Ryki
    27.5.2018 WYSTAWA ZIELONE AGROSHOW 9.00-17.00 08-503 Ułęż, gm. Ryki 
  • Week 22 - NETHERLANDS Open or Close


    Datum Tijd Adres
    30.5.   10-21  Recreatiegebied "Het Henschotermeer"
    De Heygraeff 2
    31.5. 10-21  
    1.6. 10-18  
  • Week 23 - FRANCE Open or Close


    Go to the local page for more info

    07.06. - 10.06. Terres en Fête Tilloy-les-Moufflaines (62)
    05.06. AGRI OUEST Tremblay (35)
    09.06. AURIAU Thouars (79)
    12.06. AGRI OUEST Mortain (50)
    21.06. - 23.06. Euroforest Saint Bonnet de Joux (71)
    26.06. EUROMAGRI Castelnau-Magnoac (65)
    28.06. EUROMAGRI Saint Palais (64)
    04.07. DURET Evron (53)
    08.08. - 10.08.  AGRIMECANIQUE Wolfskirchen (67)
    04.09. - 06.09. Innov Agri Outarville (45)
    11.09. - 14.09. SPACE Rennes (35)
    17.09. - 21.09. CANOT AGRI Onjon (10)
    26.09. - 27.09. Mécamaïs Le Vignau (40)
    03.10. - 05.10. Sommet de l'élevage Cournon d'Auvergne (63)
    22.10. - 26.10. CADAUMA Calmont (12)
  • Week 24 - POLAND Open or Close



  • Week 25-26 - CZECH REPUBLIC Open or Close


    Go to the local page for more info

    19.6. Naše Pole, Nabočany
    20.6. Naše Pole, Nabočany
    22.6. Lesnický den v Rálsku, Rálsko
    23.6. Lesnický den v Rálsku, Rálsko
    26.6. Sedlčanská kotlina, Sedlčany
    28.6. Kralovická zemědělská výstava na Hadačce, Hadačka
  • Week 28 - LATVIA Open or Close





Kicking off in Germany in February, SmartTour 2017 (previously named DemoTour) visited 15 countries in total, touring i.e. all the way from northern Finland to France, Poland, UK & Ireland and many more. This year the tour will be even bigger, starting off in UK & Ireland in as early as January.


In 2017, the tour was on the road for a whole of 45 weeks – from February to December. Our dedicated SmartTour staff in each country takes care of the individual needs of each venue in order to make every day the very best possible. This year we’ll be on the road even longer – for almost the whole year.


Valtra SmartTour truly brings people together – over 10 000 customers, fans and Valtra enthusiast gathered to the tours in 2017 all over Europe. If you’d like to be one of them this year – scroll down and register to an event near you!


We are proud to present the complete Valtra 4th generation product range. These award-winning tractors give you reliability and ease of use, together with smart features, to help you be more productive. And with Valtra Unlimited you can specify the details of your own individual tractor to match your exact requirements, for the conditions you work in.

A series


Every day, every season, the A Series is your working machine. Valtra’s fully-modular design means full adaptability to your needs, offering the best fit for your farm. With the A Series you don’t have to work harder. Because you are working smarter.

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N series


The new Valtra N Series drives like a small tractor, but works like a big one. It features the most powerful engine in its class, yet the handling is agile enough for more delicate work. And with longer service intervals and lower fuel consumption, the total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.

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T series


The new fourth generation Valtra T Series is built around you and your needs. It’s made for reliability, low total operating costs, and ease of use. And it’s made to improve your productivity. It has a stylish, spacious and quiet cab for comfortable working, as well as the agility and excellent visibility needed for precision work.

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S series


The fourth generation Valtra S Series is designed to maximise output and minimise costs. Each detail has been carefully thought out, combining the best of our technology with reliability, low operating costs, and ergonomics. And it comes with the best engine on the market.

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Valtra SmartTouch raises usability to a new level. It’s more intuitive than your smartphone and it’s the easiest way to manage your tractor. All the technology you need is integrated: Auto-Guide, Isobus, AgControl and TaskDoc.

Come to the Valtra stand and experience SmartTouch, the easiest way to manage your tractor!


Auto-Guide represents the next generation of automatic steering systems. It is easy to control from the SmartTouch terminal and accuracy is improved because it tracks multiple satellite systems simultaneously. Auto-Guide enhances productivity by helping you make the most of your total field area.


Valtra Isobus implement control allows the tractor, implement and SmartTouch terminal to communicate with each other. The Isobus system (ISO 11783) transmits a variety of information from the tractor to the implement and vice versa. It simplifies the control of modern implements, especially those with many functions and a high level of automation.

Safety camera

- In SmartTouch the safety camera is displayed by the terminal
- See behind the rear wheels
- Covers area where you cannot see by turning your head – however good it the visibility is throw windows
- Combined with wide angle mirrors (std equipment) you can control the entire surroundings

valtra connect


Valtra has new telemetry solution that records tractory activity and GPS movements, all the time. It can display history and real time data on your mobile device and you can access the data anywhere, anytime. You and your Valtra service partner can anticipate maintanance needs, react faster and probably solve minor issues without any need for extra visits to your authorized service centre.

Visit the Valtra stand to see the benefits of this unique system!

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Trelleborg logo

18.6.2018 Valtra roadshow expands: Trelleborg joins Valtra Smart Tour as an official partner

Trelleborg has joined the Valtra Smart Tour 2018 roadshow as an official partner. The Valtra Smart Tour demo fleet is equipped with Trelleborg tyres and Trelleborg will have a stand at Smart Tour locations. With the collaboration, both Valtra and Trelleborg aim to provide their customers with a more comprehensive customer experience at the roadshow and offer a good platform to deepen the discussion about Valtra tractors and Trelleborg tyres.

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no1 iceland

8.1.2018 Valtra’s success continues: Number one sold tractor also in Iceland

Valtra’s year 2017 has been established extremely successful - previously last week Valtra was announced the most sold tractor both in Norway and Estonia with record braking market shares for Valtra. Now the success continues, as Valtra has retained its position as the most sold tractor in Iceland.

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no1 estonia

5.1.2018 Valtra is number one in Estonia

Valtra became the most sold tractor brand in Estonia with a market share of 14,9%, leaving behind brands such as John Deere on the second place and New Holland on the third place. A total of 82 units were sold in Estonia during 2017, making this the most successful year ever for Valtra in Estonia.

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no1 norway

3.1.2018 Valtra is the most sold tractor in Norway

Valtra has become the best-selling tractor in Norway with a market share of 20.6 percent in 2017 after an amazing finish in December. The most popular Valtra model is the N174, but the new T-series had a very big effect on the success.

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Demo Tour 2017 & Master Cup